"We choose to get back to the forest and sing with the eternal shamans. We can make purely intuitive music-calling and responding to the songs of the birds and the roars of jaguars. These spirited incantations have no numbers, no wrong notes, no mistakes. These voices precede us and are always available to us. The shamanic whispering is omni present. You are never alone. Like the Goddess in the mind, the shaman within us sings the inspired word in order to hear and to heal."

~Silvia Nakkach-Free Your Voice


   Developed by Valentine Lovecraft Falcon, Voice Shrine is a unique approach towards sound healing. After completing her sound healing certification, Valentine began experimenting with various sonic modalities, seeking total integration of her aesthetics and guiding philosophies. After working with a daily mantra practice for an extended length of time she began to witness her own personal "attunement", understanding herself to be a consummate instrument, a living "sound system" (like an old school boom box) that merely fell out of tune from lack of attention.

  The vision for Voice Shrine is to facilitate and support the perception of the self as a profound musical and sonic instrument. 

  We offer tools, techniques and a sacred space to support others in freeing the self, body, mind and voice of any obstruction (or belief) that may obstruct the unbridled natural inner song. To tune and attune the self in this way offers our unique key signature to the celestial music of the spheres. 

  The voice is with you wherever you are. It goes where you go. It’s there as your offering, your companion, your tool for self transformation and for that of others. We create with sound daily, in words and intention.  Through Voice Shrine, we are able to broaden our perceptions of this precious voice and physical instrument we have. Let it be a sanctuary and refuge a ((shrine))  as well as a beautiful instrument to share and commune with others. We already have what we need, it’s merely a matter of becoming informed and then consciously "playing" your instrument. 

This is what I hope to achieve with Voice Shrine, the remembrance that “Home is where the voice is”.