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Voice Shrine Sound Healing Workshop

How to harness, apply and utilize the transformative power of YOUR SOUND.::

Voice Shrine sound healing is a way to experience the wholeness of ourselves through the application of sonic tools both thru our voice, nada yoga (meditation on the inner sound), sound healing and musical instruments. We are sonic, sounding, musical beings that create with intention thru our voice daily (in speaking, sounding, and singing). Utilizing both ancient, modern and spontaneously intuited sonic formulas one is able to empower themselves (and others) with the tools to clear, tune, heal and intend the sound of their unique inner key signature (the sound of your SOUL:))) thru this physical body.
In this class we will go on a sonic journey, weaving in and introducing these various sonic “Asanas”: mantra, seed syllables, nada yoga meditation, Voice Shrine created techniques and more. This will enable you to have a unique experiential of both ancient and modern practices. Empowering you with tools, insights and inspirations to create a sound healing practice for yourself and to share with others. You bring your voice wherever you go, let it be always the sound of your soul!